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Safety Tips for Escorts


Escort prostitution has become wide spread in saunas, massage parlors private apartments and street prostitution. The job of an escort has become one of the most paying and lucrative jobs in the twenty first century and the society has come to appreciate the role escorts play in the society.

Escorts too have rights and should be treated like other people earning a is important also for them to know their rights and safety measures as every job is a matter of risk taking and this safety tips will enable them to cope in this harsh economic times. There are a lot of Escort Agencies which give people clients and it is the job of the escort to either go to the hotel room or they meet with the client for sexual purposes and they earn money depending on the number of hours, duration and the arrangement between an escort and a client. Commercial sex has now become a norm in many country as it has been legalized. Here are safety tips that every escort should keep in mind.

Before an escort is signed to an agency the escort should read the legal documentation first to check the reviews of the escort company whether they are legit or the company does not pay their escorts when they are sent to a client. They should also be aware of the health risks they are getting into thus some sexual tests should be mandatory for both the client and the escort to ensure neither parties have sexually transmitted diseases. When the company is sending an escort to a hotel to meet a client the escort should be assured of his or her safety since clients may take advantage of them and they may be prone to serious risks such as death An escort should confirm the credibility of the client through monetary assurance since some clients may default to pay as per the agreement.

lf an escort is subjected to an act not assigned for or sexual harassment the escort agency should ensure that they are compensated accordingly or else they sue the client for sexual harassment. Escorts should also ensure they are being sent to legit hotel as some clients may request an escort to meet them in very odd places and the escorts life may be at risk An escort should also learn to plan ahead through taking up karate or marshal arts classes for self defense for only the escort will encounter what the client wants to do. All relationships with a client should be business based; do not agree to date a client and the escort should also be aware of the fact that he or she is there to work and not to attach any feelings at work. Falling in love with a client after sexual experience should not be the case as one will be dealing with a lot of clients throughout their work experiences.

As an escort is sent to meet a client through an arranged meeting he or she should talk to the taxi driver to wait for them and to be very assertive till they finish their job. This will prevent clients from harming you since they are aware that someone is waiting to drop you off at home depending on the number of hours you have worked. Life is neither a gamble nor a rehearsal and in every profession one needs to be very careful since you only live once.